Why Modern Age?


It’s a new genre that explores new possibilities and new concepts.  My novels offer a fresh view of our current obstacles, a modern glimpse of history and an alternate view of life.  They counter the norm by rejecting commercialism and by providing us alternatives to our establishment.

The plots engage the reader with non-stop action, but the philosophy behind the stories remain the focal point around which the characters and plot revolve.

My portfolio consists primarily of two novel manuscripts: Glitter in the Dark and A Book for Every Body.  Glitter in the Dark is a 98,000 word manuscript of a tale of two tales.  One of a man who must overcome great obstacles to survive, ultimately discovering riches not measured by wealth or of things – and the other, a tale of the country evolving rapidly into a brave new world.  Woven together, the two stories feed from one another and deliver nail-biting interplay in concert.

A Book for Every Body is a work-in-progress that explores the mind of a serial killer who takes lives for the betterment of mankind.  Comfortable yet nervous, calculating yet impromptu, he is an insane man bringing sanity to the world.  This anti-hero is a thinker, a drifter, a part of us all.  Unique characters and fresh backdrops bring each victim to life, painting each chapter into a story of its own.  Written in this fashion, the manuscript allows for publication as a novel, or as a series of short stories.

My portfolio contains other works, including a screenplay, but they are not included on this website.  Under Bio, however, you will find one complete poem, self-published.

My name is Mark Kiester, and I love to write.  I seek representation for my work.  I seek publication of my work.  Please enjoy these samples, and write to me with questions, critique, feedback or with an offer of opportunity.

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Glitter in the Dark 
A Book for Every Body