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Glitter in the Dark

Tyler Maas, a grossly depressed office professional, itches for something new. He embarks upon a road less traveled – a path that spawns momentary euphoria and lingering clarity that would light his way to happiness. But happiness must wait.

Cataclysmic events unfold, and Tyler must thrust himself into a much larger role – that of a leader, a teacher, and a savior to some. Obstacles both foreign and domestic foster Tyler’s transformation as he overcomes adversity through ingenuity, opportunity, planning and vision. Tyler ultimately finds peace and happiness with his wife, Jane, and their greater adopted family.

Meanwhile the country, and the world around it, must overcome catastrophic setbacks en route to a brave new world of their own. National and worldly events enter the novel in pixels, thus providing an enveloping story whose events complement, but differ from, Tyler’s story. One story layered upon another in this fashion is what I consider provocative about this work.

Written in the first person, present tense, I hope to keep the reader’s hands on the whee.- eyes forward, grasping the world as it comes.

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